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May GAB Girl - Mila


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How Did GAB Get Started?

GAB started purely by chance. When I was 12, I wanted to start buying some nice neutral makeup, but I couldn't find any that was geared toward tweens/teens. My mom and I found that the products on the market were either geared toward little kids (play makeup) or adult makeup with inappropriate packaging and labels. In most instances, the products were also full of chemicals and I have sensitive skin. 

I decided to try making my own makeup - just to play around. Imagine my surprise when, after months of trial and error, I finally found a formula that worked! Not only that, I loved my new makeup...made by my own two hands!

Once I started wearing my products to school, my friends wanted some, then their older sisters wanted some. Before I knew it, GAB - which happen to be my initials and stands for Girls Are Beautiful - just took off!

I love creating healthy products for girls my age. The tween/teen crowd is often forgotten, so I'm thrilled to help all girls feel confident and beautiful!